Tips for Chewing Foods after Getting the Teeth Filled

Soreness and tooth sensitivity can persist for hours and even days after you get your teeth filled. As a result, eating and drinking can become pretty difficult. Fortunately, chewing foods in right way and avoiding foods which can cause problem can help you in preventing the pain and discomfort.

Chewing foods slowly and biting lightly

We normally do not realize in our daily lives but this is the fact that biting on foods and chewing require great amount of pressure to be exerted on the food. So, a filled tooth can easily sore when you tend to involve it in the chewing process. One way is to avoid chewing from the side of filled tooth. However, you can avoid soreness in it by chewing slowly. Make sure that your filled tooth doesn’t get a contact with the opposing tooth.

Keep your mouth closed while chewing

Besides a display of good manner, keeping your mouth closed while chewing your foods can help you from the perspective of health. More specifically, you can consider the example of tooth sensitivity and the role of chewing while keeping the mouth open. In many cases of tooth sensitivity, even the cold air can cause considerable amount of pain. While eating with an open mouth, you let the cold air to interact with the filled tooth which would be already pretty much sensitive.

Avoid sticky foods

There are some types of fillings which take considerable amount of time to get settled in the mouth. Thus, you need to make sure that those fillings are settled in your teeth properly. Although it would be pretty rare, eating sticking foods can lead the dislodging of new filling of certain types which also include amalgams.

Hot and cold foods

Extremely hot and cold foods can trigger pain in the filled teeth. Therefore, you have to make sure that the foods you take have moderate temperatures.

Avoid sugars

Many people consume a lot of sweets and soda drinks. These foods contain sugars in bigger amounts. The major disadvantage of consuming sugary foods is that these foods can result in bacterial growth. These bacteria can seep into the filled teeth.

Avoid hard foods

You may be love with the feeling of biting on nuts, seeds and ice; but you need to avoid this type of consumption while you have got the new filling. Chewing on hard foods can result in the damage to filling.

To get further details about what foods should be eaten with the new filling, you need to stay in contact with your dentist if you are not sure what to do.


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